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Dec 4, 2013 7:00am PST
truck stolen near mexico city is drawing international concern. it housed this medical device, used in the treatment of cancer patients. in it, cobalt 60 teletherapy, a radioactive material that can be dangerous if it's removed or if the shielding of the device is damaged. >> if you have a large quantity, an entire truck of this cobalt 60, could you really do some environmental harm? and that question, i think is open at this point. >> reporter: mexican officials immediately contacted the international atomic energy agency. u.s. officials are monitoring closely. the truck was stolen at a gas station just 35 miles outside of mexico city. it is unclear who stole the material. and if they know what they have. but even though the theft occurred hundreds of miles from the u.s. border, there's a reason why the incident is drawing such intense scrutiny. u.s. officials have long been concerned that stolen radioactive material could be used to make a so-called dirty bomb. such a device could not cause a nuclear explosion. but the cobalt, combined with a conventional explosive, could release
Dec 8, 2013 7:00am PST
hit of snow for places like d.c., philly, up to new york city. maybe a couple of inches before you see a changeover to freezing rain and eventually rain. the monday morning commute in the interior northeast will be icy. allow extra time for that. meanwhile, even though the storminess has left the south, the cold is locked in. we're below freezing in dallas. with a freezing fog advisory. it will be awhile until they thaw out. we'll tell you the timing on the thaw, the western chill, the eastern storm. there's plenty of weather. dan? >> thank you, lee. >>> ground zero in this mess is as lee indicated, dallas, where the airport has turned into a massive shelter for thousands of passengers. iced in by the storm. abc's mike boettcher is at dallas ft. worth international with the latest. mike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. well, this storm hit here 48 hours ago. if you're a passenger here at dfw airport or just driving to your destination, you're still feeling the effects. the ice fell. but the ice did not melt. a record arctic air blast has kept dallas and ft. worth creeping
Dec 7, 2013 7:00am PST
terrifying moments inside a popular supermarket in a new york city suburb, as an out-of-control car came slamming into the store. shoppers at this trader joe's in oceanside, long island, had to run for cover after the car plowed through the store front and into the checkout counter. one person was pinned under the wheel. 14 others were injured as shattered glass filled the store. investigators say an elderly woman lost control of that vehicle before the crash. so far, no charges have been filed. >>> and in mexico, six men who checked into a hospital for possible radiation exposure have been released. and are now in police custody, suspected of stealing a truck carrying a radioactive substance. all of them had complained of skin irritations and dizziness. only one had nausea, a sign of possible radiation poisoning. the six are suspected of being the thieves who stole the truck carrying highly radioactive cobalt-60 that happened earlier this week. >>> and federal charges expected to be filed against the hunter accused of sparking that massive fire in yosemite national park that occurred la
Dec 10, 2013 7:00am PST
effect coast to coast. >> ground stops, delays at the major hubs in new york city. the fat flakes are flying. we have sleet mixed in. it will be a rough commute for a lot of folks. how much will fall? what do you have to worry about? if you're coming into the mid-atlantic or the northeast, an afternoon, through the early afternoon problem. look what comes behind it. and what everybody is dealing with, west coast. the cold. you have felt it for almost a week now. we'll see some moderating. look at sacramento, mid to upper 20s. the freeze watches and warnings throughout parts of the southwe southwest. palm springs in the mid 30s. las vegas, 20s. reno, you're waking up to 4. it will feel cooler than that. we have moderating coming. we'll tell you all about it in the next half hour. >>> let's go to josh with the other top stories. >>> family in nevada missing. temperatures far below zero. a great deal of concern at this hour. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: this morning, the search and rescue efforts will continue. two adults and four children, under age 10, vanished. james glanto
Dec 2, 2013 7:00am PST
>>> good morning, america. breaking new details on the fatal train crash in new york city. cranes righting the cars overnight. black box recovered. dozens of holiday shoppers injured and trapped. the focus on speed and the brakes right now. >>> new overnight. health scare at 30,000 feet. a packed plane. passengers exposed to a potentially deadly disease mid flight over texas. masks given out. the plane swarmed by paramedics. telling everyone to get checked for tuberculosis. >>> investigators reveal that speed was a factor in the death of "fast & furious" star paul walker. the rare porsche so difficult to handle, even professional drivers called it scary hollywood stars mourning at the scene. ♪ oh my god >>> and hello, future. amazon unveils its jaw-dropping way to deliver packages to the front door. with a drone. >>> but on this cyber monday morning, the big savings start right here with our biggest "deals & steals" ever on "gma". >>> we do say good morning, america. we hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. and your eyes were not deceiving you. that's right. amazon sayi
Dec 9, 2013 7:00am PST
protesters leave city hall. >>> and for the first time in nearly a half century, a race riot has erupted in singapore. four workers attacked police there, overturning cars and setting this ambulance on fire. they're furious over the death of an indian worker there. >>> also caught on camera, a massive brawl between rival soccer fans at this game in brazil. it is now raising concerns about security at the world cup coming next summer. police fired rubber bullets. a medical helicopter had to land on the field to transport the wounded. >>> meanwhile, here at home, demolition of a portion of the iconic houston astrodome under way. hard to believe. crews took down three giant towers in seconds. all the concrete will be now be recycled. >>> and a historic feat yesterday in the nfl. matt praytor. of the denver broncos. he did it at altitude. no matter. tom dempsey, the former saints kicker is no longer the holder of the longest field goal in history. 64 yards. even more remarkable, however, he did it in 14 degree weather. he basically kicked a boulder, 64 yards in the air. but that looked easy com
Dec 5, 2013 7:00am PST
cities, attacking drivers. highways littered with icy spinouts. >> oh. we're going to hit. we're going to hit. oh. >> reporter: teams of snowplows marching out in full force. and so many vehicles there, struggling to break free of nearly half a foot of snow. here in colorado, sub zero windchills. and in parts, up to a foot of snow. on the frigid streets of denver, the salvation army is helping homeless people find shelter. >> when you get cold snaps like this, it's very dangerous. >> reporter: and 25-mile-per-hour winds kicking up icy waves along lake superior. making it look more like an ocean than a lake. and, ginger, in honor of your first day, we decided why not show off some of our favorite tv cold weather demonstrations. so, here you go. in about ten minutes outside, we made ice cubes. and of course, we have the hammer made from a frozen banana. and my personal favorite, the frozen t-shirt. the bottom line is, for millions of people are going to be seeing wicked cold temperatures in the next few days. ginger? >> clayton, thank you. of course i love that stuff. in about eigh
Dec 3, 2013 7:00am PST
blast that focuses on the west and moves to the middle of the country. take a look at some of the cities that will be focused in on this cold air. and watch denver go from 49 to 9 degrees. minneapolis all the way down to 3 degrees. dallas gets to 35. l.a., it's more of the nighttime temperatures that are issues there. and they're prepping for all of this cold air. and look how deep this goes. and when you see denver at 2 below. we're not talking wind chills. it's real temperatures. it's about 20 degrees colder than it normally is this time of year. and some of these places in the country haven't seen temperatures like this in 16 years. we're not talking about normal cold air. we're talking about extreme cold air. so get ready for this all the way into the deep south. we'll be talking about it throughout the morning. we'll have the nation's forecast in a minute. josh? robin? george? lara? >> thank you. >>> new information on what caused that deadly train crash in new york. investigators say it was dangerously speeding down the tracks at 82 miles per hour, into a curve, when it flew off th
Dec 6, 2013 7:00am PST
city. this is more than 2,000 miles. from new mexico to new england, that has some snow, sleet, freezing rain and just mess. power lines and trees are down in the south. we have states of emergency. and look what it looks like on the roads this morning. live, in dallas, it is such an ice rink. that's what you're going to find in so many places. this is just storm one. that's right. we've got storm one that we're dealing with with all of the winter storm watches, warnings, and advisories. but there's a new one that's going to bring snow to places like sacramento, possibly las vegas. we'll talk about that coming up. and the first one is not over. here's how much more ice is going to fall in the next 24 hours. up to a quarter-inch in some places. we don't need it. let's go to arkansas and steve osunsami. he has the story. >> reporter: from texas to minnesota, what's being called ice friday, in full effect. dangerous combination of sub zero temperatures, sleet and freezing rain and sheets of black ice over roadways. up to half an inch thick in some places, sending drivers flying. f
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)